We do inspirational keynotes


We bring you the latest digital & tech trends with advanced insights on how they are shaping the coming years to take advantage of them.


We deliver impactful content that you can resonate with. We believe compelling keynotes are the best way to stick ideas directly in your head.

Foster Change

We give you powerful tools to think and act like the most disruptive people that you can easily integrate into your day to day activities.

It’s like reading 50 books within 1 hour.


Disruptive Technologies

Artificial intelligence, Blockchain & crypto,Internet of things, AR/VR, Platforms, Digital assistants,Chatbots...

Digital Culture & Mindset

Thinking like entrepreneurs, Startup mindset, Risk taking, Growth hacking, Social networks, Digital nomads,Future of work/HR/marketing...

Strategy & How tos

Adopting tech gurus principles, Redefining core business, Implementing change & new routines, Killing corporate behavior, Avoiding common mistakes..


We believe in awe. Not in rules.

We believe most people hate their job

And we cannot stand it. Digital is creating loads of opportunies and everyone can benefit from them, yet most people fear its disruptive impact. What’s missing ? Showing them how easy it is to embrace the digital shift, so they can get rid of their pre-digital mindset: there’s room and excitement for everyone.

We believe most businesses are stuck on digital

Because they rely on digital to enhance and protect how they deliver their core business. This is a mistake: they should be working at disrupting it themselves before someone else does. Transforming the old won’t do it. Making it obsolete will.

We believe knowledge and expertise are not enough

Most businesses hire smart and highly-educated people with strong expertise and experience. Yet, this is not what’s rewarded in the digital era. What matters is courage, empathy and risk-taking, not impressive titles/degrees. Oh and beware of people wearing suits/ties.

We believe in inspiration, not in telling you what to do

We believe in empowerment. Ideas are only impactful when they’re delivered with passion and awe. Yet many professionals are bored and convey their apathy to their surroundings. Showing you what works and how the most disruptive people and organizations behave is enough. You do the rest.

We are a trend spotting agency on digital

We are not a consulting firm (we don’t believe in consultants and neither should you!). We are passionate independent thinkers, born and raised with digital. We crave digital knowledge, and we spend our time tracking the latest trends and topics. Our goal is to provide the most advanced content and ideas to thrive in the digital era.